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VIP Concierge Services Luxury Transfers and Luxury Villas

We offer a VIP Concierge Service and Luxury Transfers across the island of Ibiza including VIP Transfers from airport. Ibiza Luxury villas are also available to rent from us through out the duration of the Ibiza summer months.

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Whats On Offer

Ibiza Personal Assistant Services

As well as accommodation, we also give our guests the means to personally be attended by an assistant that will organize everything for you,from restaurant or night club vip table reservations to organizing cleaners for your luxury villa,photographer,events,weddings,private chefs,private security,yachts,helicopters,private jet and super car rentals.Our Personal Assistant service it is also the most convenient because all you have to do is nothing. And for your added benefit, our holiday organizers speak English and Spanish so that you can experience the very best of what the island has to offer without having problems communicating. With our perfect safety record and our very friendly service, you will have trouble finding a better exclusive holiday package anywhere else. As an added service, we can also go to the local supermarket and pick up some groceries for you, allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy yourself while someone else does the necessary chores for you. Travel in style, safety and comfort during your stay on Ibiza thanks to our experienced personnel.

Ibiza Luxury Villas For Rent

Throughout the world, Ibiza is known as a premier holiday destination. Famous for its night-life, beaches and amazing climate, this island experiences in a number of over 4 million visitors every year. To experience this unique location in the best possible way, why not rent out some accommodation from Ibiza Loyale? We have been operating since 2005 and now have six opulent Ibiza villas on the island that are ready and waiting for you, your friends and family to arrive. There is no better way to experience the high life that this destination can provide than by booking a stay in one of our first class villas. On site facilities include swimming pools, en suite bathrooms, satellite television and majestic views that look out over the tropical ocean. Since our inception, we have had experience providing unique vacation accommodation to travellers of all types. Whether you are hopping over to the island with your friends to party each night for a week, or whether you are just staying there with your family to get away from it all by the seaside, our range of villas will certainly cater to your every need and provide you with some truly opulent places to lay your head each night.

Arrange Luxury Holidays in Ibiza

Of course, we go the extra mile by allowing you to book everything that you need right here through our website. Before you head out, fill in our electronic reservation form to find out whether the villa that you desire is going to be vacant when you arrive in Ibiza. Bookings can only be made in week-long periods, starting on Saturday and ending on the following Saturday, but since we offer six Ibiza villas to rent, you can be sure that at least one will be open. Just be sure to make your reservations early if you plan on going there during high season as the island may experience a massive influx of tourists. As for our Personal Assistant service, you can arrange transportation ones your villa is been booked with us.To optimise your relaxation while on the island, be sure to make preparations early though. In peak season, local taxis may not be available for you and you may not be able to get around the island easily if you leave it to the last minute. Just arrange for our personal assistant service early though and you will experience a fantastic holiday on this tropical island.